Who We Are

Winner of US and international cooking competitions, Chuck is the founder and head chef at Chuck's Family Steakhouse. We are experienced and passionate chefs with a super support staff wanting only to serve and delight you with the finest dishes and delectable recipes to dazzle your taste buds.

Our History

A Beloved Steakhouse Since 2005

Our steak story dates back to 2005 when Charles (Chuck) Jameson, a steak lover himself, had a long-time dream of serving the most delicious recipes for real steak and grill lovers just like him.

He started small with just a dinner menu. Coming in time to see the love and appreciation the city had for premium steak and fine food, he expanded the hours, the menu and added a team with nine more great chefs, some from different parts of the country, enabling us to serve more variety on the table.

Over time and garnering awards, we’ve become known as one of the top steak houses in town, serving hundreds of hungry customers every day. Humbled by all the love we’ve received, we strive to continue giving you our very best.

Loved by Many

Chuck's is a great place for all things steaks, ribs, sides, and desserts. This location does everything really well and is definitely worth it for an excellent dining experience. The staff here also really goes all out to make sure that you are well taken care of and have everything that you need.
Marc Sommers
Chuck's Steakhouse is a family favorite. On our last visit, they handled our group of 20 and never missed a beat. Food was absolutely delicious, scallop appetizer was amazing and the tenderloin was able to be cut with a fork.
Bryan Lambert
10th anniversary dinner! Wonderful experience! We sat at the bar and enjoyed friendly service and a great meal. The bacon wrapped scallops were terrific as were the steak, lobster bisque, and their bread. Good prices - we would go back for another!
Doug & Kristin Foster